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My Little Laser Cut Computer

I present to you my laser cut computer which was a prop for my interactive, role-playing, paper-made laboratory, called Paper Lab, which was my final year exhibit for the Degree Show at Leeds College of Art, 2011. To see the progress of my lab, feel free to follow this link: Paper Lab

The template was designed through Adobe Illustrator and put through to a program called ApS-Ethos, this sends the template to the laser cutter which cuts into the material I feed into it. The shape has been inspired by the retro computers back in the 1980s and early 1990s like the Apple III and the IBM (remember those?)...

I fixed a little device that could play music and videos for the screen. I even produced my own animations of the computer starting up and loading screens (with the retro black background and green text). The start up animations were then followed by a few light-hearted stop-motion animations of chemical experiments and the planets of our solar system!

This laser cut cardboard computer was also made along with my laser cut, also made from cardboard, microscope, take a look! Laser Cut Microscope 


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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Thursday, 2 February 2012 @ 17:45
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