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Do-It-Yourself : Festive Paper Bunting
diy tutorial festive paper bunting garland

Have a go at making your own simple, yet festive looking paper bunting to brighten up your personal space! To do this, all you need is the equipment shown in the image below...

Equipment needed to make festive paper bunting garland

So you'll need scissors, twine or string, paper shape punches and coloured card of your choice... I chose more traditional colours (red and moss green). Paper punches can be purchased from your nearest craft shop (e.g. Hobbycraft) or purchased from on-line craft stores. Woodware are a brand of paper cutters that are of good quality and great value. If you don't have paper punches, cutting the shapes using scissors are fine but will be more time consuming.

The cut circle and scalloped shapes are then folded, placed on the twine and sealed with glue - it's a very simple process! Just space the shapes to what you desire... in no time you'll have lovely bunting to hang up and enjoy!

Have fun making your paper bunting!


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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Sunday, 23 December 2012 @ 10:30
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