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{Interior Inspirations} Ikea Trestle Desks
Ikea trestle desk inspiration for studio by Bevolee

I'm taking a trip to Ikea in the weekend to pick up a lovely trestle desk for my studio which will be mainly dedicated to hand crafts, as my only desk is currently being governed by a very huge, mismatching desktop called Frankie (yep, I give some of my stuff names).

Here are some trestle desks (in the image above) that are available in Ikea: VIKA AMON/VIKA LERBURG, VIKA ARTUR (trestle legs only) and VIKA LILLEBY (trestle legs only). For the prices that they are at, which range from £25-£80 for a whole desk, they are great for value... plus, stylish looking too!

The images above are features of Ikea trestle desks in beautifully decorated interiors:
  1. The VIKA AMON/VIKA LERBURG featured on Ikea Hackers. This brilliant site shares people's tips on how to DIY hack Ikea products for a more individual style. They have an excellent tutorial on how to make your trestle desk styled with love *see photo*!
  2. The VIKA ARTUR in a readaholic's room. The trestle legs have small platform shelves to put objects or store craft boxes on. The bookcase behind is beautiful... however, I can imagine forever bumping my head on the sloping ceiling (even though I do love sloping ceilings)! Interior design by Annaleenas Hem, found on Miss Design.
  3. This desk features the VIKA LILLEBY legs. No storage shelves but very clean looking. It comes black in colour. I really like this interior, even though it's more focused as a boy's den - I love all the mixture of illustrative posters behind. My partner would be very happy in this space... just need to replace the keyboard with a laptop with Football Manager loaded. Found on What Katie Does (I love her blog and work!)
  4. Another VIKA ARTUR desk with a 'found' feeling... It kind of reflects a bit of how I work in my studio space - basically pinning all my favourite finds and images on shelves and walls, but much cleaner. Interior design by Bodie & Fou, found on Natural History.

I'm still a bit baffled on what desk to go with, but seeing them first hand in the showroom will help finalise my decision... I hope I make a good choice! 

I'm happy to hear any suggestions from you! Which one do you prefer?

Oooh, and Swedish meatballs, here I come!


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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Friday, 4 January 2013 @ 16:40
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