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{Studio Project} Welcome to my Dull and Bland Studio - #1
My bland and boring studio space that needs decorative love!
Say "hello" to my very, very, bland and boring studio space... to be honest, I can't believe I haven't decorated it much since I moved in (which was over a year ago *cough*). It has been shamefully neglected mainly due to my focus on work, but I'm also trying my best to kick the habit of thinking I'm living in student accommodation, where you were due a hefty fine if they spot the slightest residue of Blu Tack on their walls!

On the other hand, it's a lovely space. There are two windows (one very large and one small) which both let in an abundance of light, as I hate sitting in dim rooms when it’s sunny outside. The ceilings are very high on the first floor, so it does offer an airy atmosphere, and it's a pretty decent sized space. What's best about this room is that all the walls are blank, like a blank canvas. 

So this is my first post about my Studio Project! My apologies that it's not crammed full of mouth-watering, interior design goodness, but it gives you an insight into my studio to understand how lacklustre it is to work in there. I want to give it love and decorate it with all things whimsical, but also being practical. My Studio Project will be a weekly post that will focus on products I have either bought or made to improve my studio space to, eventually, make it a place I adore to work in!

I hope you will be able to find some inspiration from my future posts. To keep updated, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or follow my Blog. I'll be happy to hear your thoughts on my progress!


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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Coates ON Saturday, 5 January 2013 @ 22:30
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